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7 Kilig Quotes That Give Smile and Strengthen Relationship

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Tagalog kilig quotes to start the day with a smile and helps strengthen your relationship. Witty and sweet quote greetings that will brighten his/her day. Quotes that is great to laugh with your special someone.

Read sweet but witty tagalog kilig quotes that will surely brighten your day and strenghten your relationship. Share this quote to your special someone as a greeting or just to make her/his laugh. Here are kilig quotes that will lighten the mood.

Funny & Witty Kilig Quotes To Start The Day With a Smile

Let's begin the day with a smile with this kakilig quotes. Enjoy funny kilig quotes that will surely brighten your day and helps boost your energy to face new challenges. Witty tagalog quotes that showcase Pinoy romantic humor and sweetness. Read and share quotes that will awaken your romantic side.

Stay young at heart and always start the day with kilig to helps boost your confidence. Quotes that will encourage your to keep moving forward for the sake of your love ones.

Kakilig Quote Greetings to Send to your Special Someone

Send greetings that will make him/her kilig to the bones, quotes that will bring a smile to your special someone. Inspiring Filipino kilig quotes that will remind you to always stay sweet and always strive to make your partner smile. Quotes to send daily or even on your best occassion. So that you can enjoy your kilig moments right at the bat.

Practice sharing sweet kilig quotes to strengthen your relationship. Quotes that can also help you gain "pogi points" and put you in a good spot in someone's heart.

Sweet Kilig Quotes that is Good to Laugh With Someone

Here are quotes that is better when shared and read with someone you love. Kilig quotes that will ignite your sweetness and strengthen your bond. Start your romantic converstation with these sweet kilig quotes that will surely make both of you laugh. Quotes that will lighten the mood and ease the shyness in the air.

Enjoy Pinoy sweetness and romantic Filipino humor with quotes that will make her/his day bright. Quotes that will remind you to always pursue happiness and don't forget to make your love ones smile.

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Your Smiles Become My Ultimate Comfort Zone

I know I’m used to
finding happiness alone.

Now that I’m with you,
I fear to be on my own.

Like being addicted to
a unique cologne.

Your smiles become
my ultimate comfort zone.

Minsan Pilyo Din Ang Mundo

Minsan pilyo din ang mundo.
Tuturuan kang umasa't,
magmahal ng todo-todo.
Para lang saktan ng tao
na hindi naniniwalang,
dapat pag biyernes, munggo.

Dapat Talaga Sayo ang Buong Sahod Ko

Dapat talaga sayo ang
buong sahod ko. Dahil
habang nagtatrabaho ako,
maghapon kang nakaduty
sa isip at puso ko.

Napapawi ng Inaasam na Ngiti

Napapawi ng
inaasam na ngiti.
Ang pagod at mga
pangit na sandali.

Titiisin anumang pighati.
Basta yakapin mo ko paguwi.

Ngayon nga'y Nakamit na ang Minimithi

napilitang magpakilala sa iyong itay,
nangakong lagi ng susundin ang iyong inay,
napalaban para makuha ang iyong kamay,
ngayon nga'y nakamit na ang minimithing password ng inyong wifi