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Read short stories with lessons, sayings and arts. Learn from other experiences and share what you learn on your favorite social media sites.

Love Quotes Posters To Warm Your Heart

Here some love quotes posters to warm your heart. Various love quotes posters to share to everyone. From sweet messages to friends to emotional greetings to your special someone. Feel free to share it to your favorite social media sites.

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My Four Simple Ways to Love You

Here are My Four Simple Ways to Love You. This simple ways show how much I love You. Simple, yet I know that you will always appreciate it. Because You value everything I do. Every effort I made. Even when I doubted You. And for that, I’m sorry. Sorry for Being Weak. Making Sure to […]

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A Canvas with no Color

She took a deep breath before asking someone for the door.Yes, this is her house, yet she never felt this nervous. At her feet there were bags full of cloths,and inside her arms, a cute baby boy was sleeping. She took a glance and gave a sweet smile at the boy before finally decided knocking. […]

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