Life Quotes Posters to Strengthen Our Positivity

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Life quotes posters collections to inspire and keep our positivity and faith to the highest level. Collected for your easy browsing. Feel free to bookmarked and share it to your friends and family.

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Favorite Life Quotes Poster

Life Quotes - Please Remember to Draw a Smile Every Morning

Please remember to draw a smile every MORNING.
It is not just to greet the sun, but also to thank God for a new BEGINNING.


More Life Quotes Posters to Inspire and Teach Us Values

I Oath to Believe What I Think is Right

I oath to believe what I think is RIGHT, not what they think is HOLY.

I Was Never a Good Son

I was never a good son, but I’m willing to be a great father.

The Probability of Death

The probability of DEATH begins when you start to DOUBT your life’s WORTH

In Life You Should Never Calculate Your Negatives

In life, you should never calculate your NEGATIVES if you want to stay POSITIVE. Negative multiply by negative equals positive only works on arithmetic.

A Coin in My Pocket

Yay! A coin in my pocket gives me 0.000001% chance to have a million!

Life Quotes - Good Morning August

Another great month to start recuperating, continue holding on to the promise of having a life full of smiles,.. everlasting.

Chances to Escape The Loop of Toil

When you start to fight and create your own trail, your chances to escape the loop of toil prevails.

Choose To Live With a Positive View

Choose to live with a positive view, blur negativity that hurts you.

I Hid All My Hatred Inside This Room

I hid all my hatred inside this room. Now that it’s filled, all it spawns is gloom.

Sometimes A Beer Can Take Away All Your Fears

Sometimes a beer can take away all your fears. But a prayer will always keeps you fighting, motivated, hoping and standing firm.

Ang Ngalay at Pagod sa Pagsuot ng Pekeng Ngiti

Ang ngalay at pagod sa maghapong pagsuot ng pekeng ngiti, ay napapawi ng mainit na daloy ng luha sa gabi.

Differences Are Attributes that Holds Unique Stories

Differences are attribute that holds unique stories with deep feelings, NEVER MEANT TO DISCRIMINATE OR HURT UNRELATED BEINGS

Death is A Sad Way

Death is a sad way to bring family closer together.

One Day You'll Tone Down and Choose to Escape the Past

One day you’ll tone down, choose to escape the past and live harmoniously. ALL OF US WILL, SO JUST ENJOY. Grow old holding a cup of coffee reminiscing dumbed happy memories.

The Day is the Brightest When I Live by Your Words

The day is the brightest when I live by Your words.

Life Quotes - Trampled by Pain and Hurdles We Persevere

Trampled by pain and hurdles,
we continue to persevere.
Like a warrior, adapting
and dancing in the midst of fire.

Whether it’s a can of beer
or coffee we’re holding up high.
We will keep gliding through it.
With hope and courage in our eyes.


The Journey So Called Life is Brighter

The journey so called life is brighter, easier and more colorful with You

I Failed So Many Times

I failed so many times that I found constantly resetting addicting. It’s simply like giving up on giving up is actually fulfilling.

Every String Has Its Own Distinct Quality

Every string has its own distinct QUALITY. Attached in this world to produce unique HARMONY.

Sharpen Faith to Blur Negativity

Having GOD in the frontline lightens the load. Sharpen FAITH to blur negativity and conquer the world.

Life Quotes - Happiness is Adventure Made by Our Own Heart

As we age we easily get tired
of constantly trying and failing.
We believe a slight dent is
unprofessional and unappealing.

As we listen to the voice of our ego
and follow the standards.
We failed and forget
that happiness is adventure made
by our own heart.


Mabilis lang ang Panahon

Mabilis lang ang panahon. Iyong dating puro tagay, wala ng pagkakataon. Binaligtad na ang tagay, para makabangon. Tyaga! Kaya sulitin mo! Cheers!

Every Night Has This Color

Every night has this two beautiful color. Black that teaches you the wrongs and help prevent you from downfall. And the light that reassures hope, that keeps you focus on future goals.

Every Step You'll Take

Every step you’ll take will resonates misjudgement and controversy. Might as well take the loudest path that will deafen their curiosit

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