Love Quotes Video To Warm Your Hearts

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Relaxing love quotes video that will help warm your hearts. 14 love quotes that illustrates love for family, friends and even environment. Whether uplifting or demotivational, each quotes represents true emotions that will teach you to mend and appreciate. Feel free to share it to your love ones.

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Reminiscing Your Smiles at Night

Reminiscing your smiles at night,
hoping to see you in my dreams.
Then waking up wishing I lose sight,
of mementos that’s so haunting.

The Time When We Choose Love

The time when we
choose love instead of being unloving.
Giving in spite of being insolvent.
So magical, purely mystical.
Neither status nor differences matters.
We are warmth with the same tune,
chilled by the ambience.
Even if we won’t cross each others path.
We know for sure we will wear
our finest smiles.

A Boy Will Always States the Obvious

A boy will always
states the obvious beauty

I Always Find Your Light

I always find Your Light
in my crucial moments

Sometimes Those Who Hides Pain and Negativity

Sometimes those who hides pain
and negativity.
Uses the most used Love react

Seeing Everyone Else Smile is Contentment

Seeing my family, friends and everyone else
smile is contentment.
Thank you Lord for the love.

Your Smile Changes the Beat of My Heart

Your smile changes the beat of my heart
from steady to blissful.
So addicting. Fast yet so relaxing.
Empowering yet harmful.
As it is so tempting.
I keep forgetting I was only dreaming.

Your Smile Will Always be Beautiful

Your smile will always be as
beautiful as a flower.
Whether it wilt or fade,
I don’t want to lose it forever.

A Mother's Heart is as Pure as Diamond

A mother’s heart is as pure as diamond.
That even when stabbed by her partner
or scarred by her child’s word.
It remains white, loving and tender.

Watching Your Happiness from afar Will be My Curse

I am able yet I hesitated.
I knew I can, still I didn’t try.
If all I ever wanted was to see you smile.
Watching your happiness from afar will be my curse.
For the rest of my life.

Most People Show Respect Based on Achievement

Most people show respect
based on achievements.
Mother Nature loves us
just because we breath.

If It Only Takes a Week

If it only takes a week
for your bloom to last.
How come I see the same beauty
in your withered stance.

Love is When You Give Your All - Latest Love Quotes Poster

This flower does not signifies love, it manifest women’s BEAUTY.
LOVE is when you GIVE YOUR ALL
to PROTECT her,
TAKE CARE of her needs,
and PUSH HER to bloom.
So that one day she will caress you
with her RADIANT
and scent as addicting as PERFUME.

We Start by Saying Goodbye

We start by saying goodbye to the cold.
Because we trust that love will warm our hearts.
At the time red changes from anger to joy.
Redeem the lone ego that once fell apart.

Whether today we sulk or we celebrate,
Hold a promise to always feel contented.
As flowers in future will lost its brightness,
A loving heart will stay red in gentleness.

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