My Four Simple Ways to Love You

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Here are My Four Simple Ways to Love You.

This simple ways show how much I love You. Simple, yet I know that you will always appreciate it. Because You value everything I do. Every effort I made. Even when I doubted You. And for that, I’m sorry.

Sorry for Being Weak.

Making Sure to Talk to You

Not a fan of going to Your home. But I will always talk to You. Every minute. Every sadness. Every happiness. I will reach you. Because You are my strength. You give me positivity. The one that lightens my every day burden.

Always Send You Gifts

I know what You want. What makes You smiles. So I am consistently wrapping presents. Whether small packages or special ones I will always treat you. As I know You value every effort I made. Every present I give. Every good thing that I do.

I Will Praise and Love You Everyday

Everything You do is worth complementing. You are so good. You are so beautiful. And I will always admire You. I will always be proud of You. I will always shout Your name. To my friends. To my family. To every one. Because you are worth praising. Worthy of everything good.

I Bow to Always Believe in You

I will trust You. Even when Your so far away. Even when I’m not with You. I will always believe in You. Because You are pure. And I know how much You love me. I know how much You care. I know that everything You’ve been doing is for the best. Always wanting the best for me. And for that I love You.

This simple ways sure aren’t enough. Because you deserved greater things. Yet you embrace my efforts. You embrace my simplicity. And for that I love You.

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