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Loneliness Taught Me How to Draw a Smile

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Discover a collection of insightful and thought-provoking quotes that delve into the deeper meaning behind someone's smile. Gain a new perspective and inspire introspection with these powerful words.

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A Year of Silently Refilling My Mind With Forgiveness


I just want a minute of silence,
then an hour,
then a day.
Or a year of silently refilling my mind
with hope and forgiveness,
so I could stay.

There Will Be Pain in our Hearts and Some Wants Restart


There will be pain in our hearts,
and some will just want to hear
a promise of a restart.
Or a whisper in their ears
that says
'thanks for being strong, sweetheart’.

To Ignore and Let Others Abuse Your Vulnerabilities


To fear the harsh reality.
To masked pain accepting sorry.
To ask yourself if you’re worthy.
To fill heart with anxiety.

To ignore and let others
abuse your vulnerabilities.

To Feel Depressed by the Thoughts of Being Compared


To work hard just to thirst for rest.
To spend more just to impress.
To reflect on the whys and whens.
To waste sleep and get stressed.

To shy away and feel depressed
by the thoughts of being compared.

To Endure Toxic Relationship and Say You're Doing Well


To hide tears
just to fake strength.
To wear masks
so you can pretend.
To sell yourself
to simply blend.
To buy fame
so you can have friends.

To endure toxic relationships and say 
“you …

Panibagong Lungkot na Papawiin Nalang Uli sa Pagkayod


Panibagong umagang may lungkot,
papawiin nalang uli sa pagkayod.
Takasan ang sakit at magpagod.
Para tulog nalang luluha sa kumot.

Ramdam ang Masamang Motibo ng Taong Hayok sa Respeto


Ramdam ang masamang motibo
ng taong hayok marespeto.
Kunyaring mabait ang palalong,
aninag ang sungay sa anino.

We Keep Guessing How Life Can be more Depressing


But why do we value ourselves less.
If we worth more than we think is best.
Despite the happiness and blessings,
we wrapped ourselves, just to keep guessing.
Thinking how life can be more depressing.

For we always tho…

She Chose to Scar Her Fragile Hand to Provide Comfort


She chose to scar her fragile hands.
Just to provide you with comfort
and beautiful clothes.
She chose to hid pain and understand.
So you don’t have to worry
and just live full of hope.

Can I Even Make Things Happen or Am I Just Pretending


Can I even make things happen
or am I just pretending?

One Who Share His Name and The Other Who Offer Her Heart


Two gifts that give us
love and comfort.
One who shares his name
and the other offers her heart.
While most were denied
to have them both.
There are those
who are so ungrateful to disregard.

If they can…

Be Fooled Into Something That Shouldn't be Part of Your Life


To smile in your saddest times.
To cry in the happiest lies.
To persevere even when tired.
To breathe and believe you are loved.

To fool yourself into something
that shouldn't be part of your life.

To be Accepted are Struggles We Must Face To Make Changes


We have so many differences,
that some uses to oppress others.

Whether it’s a sin or their own curse.

To be accepted are struggles
we must all face to make our changes.

Be a beautiful butterfly
that s…

We Forget We Haven't Done Anything For Our Parents


We expect too much
from our parents,
that we forget,
we haven’t done anything for them.

Till we get busy
with our own lives,
and let regret
remind us of the pain of farewell.

The Final Pat on the Back That Made Everything Muted


You start the day
motivating me with compliments.
And ending it
by filling my heart with encouragement.
I thought I'd live all my life
with these wonderful moments.
Until you gave the final pat on the back