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Discover a collection of the best unique quotes that will inspire and uplift you. These quotes are created to provide motivation, positivity, and encouragement in your everyday life. Let the power of words inspire you to greatness.

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Fail or Succeed We Create Path and be our Own Life's Author

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When most live just to follow those
who they believe is better.

We create a path
and be our own life’s author.

Whether we fail or succeed,
get bruised or get a win, it doesn’t matter.

Accept that Sometimes the Reward for our Decency is Cruelty

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Do you feel…
Confined in a world full of similarities?
Where slight differences hold sad stories.

Do you think…
It’s normal to get filled with insecurities?
In a sad world so selfish in equality.

Friendship That Lasts Forever, Goodbyes Denied by Time

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Once in a blue moon, we cross paths.
Sad. We’ve seats that weren’t meant to be blank.
Respect, as we take off our hat.
This first toast is for those who made us laugh.

Friendship that lasts forever
and som…

Oftentimes, We Wish to Go Back as Were Drowned By Pressures

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When everyone was forced to change,
there were some who managed to remember.
Slowly, we lose time and aged,
forced to miss out some of the adventures.

Oftentimes, we wish to go back,
as most were drowned by pressures.…

What We Treasure are Stories that Needed No Recordings


What we treasure are memories.
Stories that needed no recordings.
Bond that turn friends to families.
Laughs that we thought
would last with no endings.

Until time slowly consume our youth
and curiosity.

Adventures Drawn with Smiles are the Best to Reminisce


For once, we let ourselves rebel.
No one cares if the day doesn’t go well.
Days that made our innocence melt.
Are the happiest days we longed to felt.

All adventures drawn with smiles
are the best to reminisce.…

Days that Flew Fast Wondering What Made Everything Apart



The times we had the most mistakes.
Yet felt proud from all the consequences.
The nights we found the rarest laughs.
That sparked an oath to love what we have.

Those days just flew fast
wondering wha…

It's Easy to Forget Faith When We are Wounded


It’s easy to forget faith
when we are wounded.
Chooses to blame
rather than calculate what’s been evaded.
We cry and lock ourselves from
being persuaded.
Began wearing fake laugh
instead of acceptin…

Run Wild Filled With Hope or Buried Under the Tomb


Want to talk?
I’m fine. It will be over soon.
I know we’ll have our chance to bloom.
Free ourselves in this cold dark room.
Leave the pain, wear a new costume.

Run wild filled with hope or buried under the…

Walking with no Hope yet Forbidden to Quit

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Who am I?
I am you. The one waking up, 
wishing it was still midnight. 
One who always felt not enough.
Drowned in questions. Felt trapped inside.

Most likely wishing I shouldn’t have woken up.

A Moment Without Sadness and Unwanted Tears

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What do you long for?

Daydreams, that would never exist.
Conversations wished to rehear.
Warm hugs that I considered gifts.
Laughs that would never reappear.

A moment without sadness
and unwanted tears.

Ano bang Paki, Mundo'y Piso para sa Itim ang Budhi!


Tamang sabihing gusto mo lang mabuhay,
lang pakialam hangga't di humuhusay.
Kaylangan ba ng unos para bumigay?
Daing at sisihan pag may humandusay.

Tapos pagkatapos ay uulit muli,
daig ng yaman ang halaga ng sawi.

Kita ba ng Tao ang Sugat ng Mundo?

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Kita ba ng tao ang sugat ng mundo?
O parang hanging pansin lang pag namaho.
Tulad din ng kamay mong pagod na't hapo.
Ngunit pera lang ang inimis ng garbo.

Dahil Laging may Pangakong Bukas Para sa Naghihintay


Subukan mong makuntento,
iwasan mo ang inggit at pagkaganid.
Madalas mang kayong talo’y,
salamat pa ding malayo sa panganib.

Dahil laging may pangakong bukas.
para sa umaangkin at naghihint…

Mapalad Kayong Mayroong Mapagmahal na mga Magulang


Huwag mo silang sigawan,
dahil lamang sa kanilang pagkukulang.
May hapdi sa kalooban,
ngunit nakangiti ka pang pagbibigyan.

Mapalad kayong mayroong
mapagmahal na mga magulang.