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If Today You’ll Get a Chance to See Mother Nature

If today, you’ll get a chance to see MOTHER NATURE in her human form. Don’t be surprise to see half of her limbs missing. Its the reason why she cannot hug you when your cold. And the reason why she’s having a harder time than anyone. Not because she’s in pain. But because she can no longer gives you comfort.

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Seize the Knowledge you Seek

Seize the knowledge you seek without abandoning your innocence. You have the power to choose what
stains you. Pick the one that you’ll be proud of.

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Death is a Sad Way

Death is a sad way to bring family closer together. 🙁

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Your Heart Becomes Dull

Your heart becomes dull when your cheap eyes only choose to look at the most beautiful colors.

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To Make an Art I Befriended Sadness

Just to make an art,I befriended SADNESS. As I progress,I learn to love LONELINESS.

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Reminiscing Your Smiles at Night

Reminiscing your smiles at night,
hoping to see you in my dreams.
Then waking up wishing I lose sight,
of mementos that’s so haunting.

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I’m a Nobody Whose not Worthy of Your Blessings

I’m a nobody whose not worthyof Your blessings.Yet You always bless me withwonderful great mornings. THANK YOU LORDFOR ALWAYS GIVING ME A CHANCE

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I Hid All My Hatred Inside this Room

I hid all my hatred inside this room. Now that it’s filled, all it spawns is gloom.

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