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A Canvas with no Color

She took a deep breath before asking someone for the door.Yes, this is her house, yet she never felt this nervous. At her feet there were bags full of cloths,and inside her arms, a cute baby boy was sleeping. She took a glance and gave a sweet smile at the boy before finally decided knocking. […]

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Tumingin sa Langit pag may Problema

Sabi ng tropa tumingin lang sa langit pag may problema,.. pagtingala ko hinubuan na ko ng mga p*nyeta!

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A Coin in My Pocket

Yay! A coin in my pocket gives me 0.000001% chance to have a million!

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Every Friday! Bow!

Every FRIDAY my power to pinpoint liquor STRENGTHENS, 😀

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Real Men Don’t Use Umbrella in the Rain

REAL MEN don’t use umbrella in the RAIN, They use it when the sun looks dangerous to their SKIN…

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