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Seize the Knowledge you Seek

Seize the knowledge you seek without abandoning your innocence. You have the power to choose what
stains you. Pick the one that you’ll be proud of.

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Choose to Start with a Good Laugh

Choose to start with a good laugh while watching everything bloom.
It is a rebirth, a positive choreograph. Dance and soak to its addicting perfume.

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We Start by Saying Goodbye

We start by saying goodbye to the cold.
Because we trust that love will warm our hearts.
At the time red changes from anger to joy.
Redeem the lone ego that once fell apart.

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A Boy will Always States the Obvious

A boy will always states the obvious beauty. WHILE A GOOD MAN ALWAYS RECOGNIZED HONESTY

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Happiness is Adventure Made by Our Own Heart

As we age we easily get tiredof constantly trying and failing.We believe a slight dent isunprofessional and unappealing. As we listen to the voice of our egoand follow the standards.We failed and forgetthat happiness is adventure madeby our own heart.

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