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Every Night has This Two Beautiful Color

Every night has this two beautiful color.
Black that teaches you the wrongs
and help prevent you from downfall.
And the light that reassures hope,
that keeps you focus on future goals.

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To Step Away From Negativity

To step away from negativity, we start by
looking forward.
We think about solutions, instead of drawbacks.
Yeah, we smile with bloodied feet,
because we crawled.
We continue to march.
Just like a beautiful butterfly we struggle.
Either to fly gracefully or continue
crawling battles.
Wouldn’t matter if you know
what you love and after.

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Trampled by Pain and Hurdles We Persevere

Trampled by pain and hurdles,
we continue to persevere.
Like a warrior, adapting
and dancing in the midst of fire.

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I Failed so Many Times – Giving up on Giving Up

I failed so many times that I found constantly resetting addicting.
It’s simply like giving up on giving up is actually fulfilling.

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