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Show your love to your family with this family quotes posters. Strengthen your bond and share your mother’s love or your father’s teaching to the world. Be proud and thankful for all the love and hugs.

Not Everyone Came to This World with Two Gifts

Not everyone came to this world with two gifts. A father’s sturdy back that carries and gives support in every struggle. And a mother’s gentle hand that takeaways pain on each downfalls. So please cherish what you have.

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The World is Too Busy to Hear Our Yell

The world is too busy to hear our yell, our struggles. But who gives a d*mn about the world. When you only need one person to hear your whispers.

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Psalms 103:13 Bible Quotes Posters

Like a father has compassion
on his children, so Yahweh has compassion on those who fear him

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A Mother’s Heart is as Pure as Diamond

A mother’s heart is as pure as diamond.
That even when stabbed by her partner
or scarred by her child’s word.
It remains white, loving and tender.

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Panginoon, Tulungan Mo Po Sila

Panginoon, tulungan Mo po sila. Maraming maraming salamat Po sa mga biyaya. Amen

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Panginoon, Gawin Mo Akong Makabuluhan

Panginoon, gawin Mo akong makabuluhan sa araw-araw. Tulungan Mo akong pasayahin ang aking magulang, kapatid at mga kaibigan.

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Death is a Sad Way

Death is a sad way to bring family closer together. 🙁

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We Were Welcomed by Darkness

We were welcomed by darkness.
Yet we don’t feel abandoned.
Losses still brings sadness.
Still, we grasped that cold dawn.

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My Two Second Prayer

My Two Second Prayer
Lord please help them. I hope they’re okay.

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Love Quotes Posters To Warm Your Heart

Here some love quotes posters to warm your heart. Various love quotes posters to share to everyone. From sweet messages to friends to emotional greetings to your special someone. Feel free to share it to your favorite social media sites.

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