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161 Best Quotes About Faith, Belief and Trust in God

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Discover inspiring quotes about faith, belief, and trust in God that will uplift your spirit and provide guidance in difficult times. Explore the best collection of quotes that will deepen your spirituality and strengthen your connection with God.

Explore a collection of inspiring quotes that focus on faith, trust, and the belief in God. These quotes serve as a reminder of the power and guidance that can be found in a spiritual connection with a higher power.

Motivational Verses & Quotes To Praise God

Discover a collection of motivational verses and quotes that will inspire and uplift your spirit as you praise God. These powerful words will help you find strength, gratitude, and motivation on your spiritual journey. Get Inspiration and encouragement through motivational verses and quotes to praise God and express your gratitude towards the divine.

Inspiring Quotes & Teachings To Help Never Lose Faith

Find motivation and inspiration through these powerful quotes and teachings that will uplift your spirits and help you never lose faith. Discover the wisdom that can guide you through challenging times and keep you hopeful and determined. Read & pray to overcome challenges and maintain a positive mindset.

Tagalog & English Prayers For Blessings & Wisdom

Looking for Tagalog and English prayers for blessings and wisdom? Discover a collection of heartfelt prayers in both languages to seek guidance, blessings, and wisdom in your spiritual journey. These prayers are designed to bring comfort and guidance in times of need. Share the positivity to your love ones.

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Strengthen Faith as Nothing Compares to the Love of the Lord

I am brave enough
to share my pain with the world.
I trust someone
will be there for me in the cold.
I'll leave my troubles
and melt them with positive words.

I've strengthened faith,
as nothing compares to …

Para sa Kaginhawaan, Nakangiting Magsisikap at Magtitiwala

Pagod na katawa’t matibay na pusong
nagsasakripisyo para sa pamilya.
Mapahikbi ma’y hindi pa rin susukong
abutin ang pangarap ng buong sigla.

Para sa kaginhawaan,
nakangiting magsisikap at magtitiwala.

Lord, I'm a Nobody Whose not Worthy of Your Blessings

I'm a nobody
whose not worthy of Your blessings.
Yet You always bless me
with wonderful great mornings.


Welcome the Warmth of May with Perseverance & Calmness

Welcome the warmth of May
with more perseverance and calmness.

Let’s enjoy love and success because
that’s what God promises.

Keep holding onto faith
in the midst of this heat and tiredness.


Sad When God is Ignored in Our Brightest Days

The sad thing about little star,
is that it is only noticed in the darkest hour.
Just like when God is ignored
in our brightest days.

We Smile for Praises and Love From Our Lord Savior

We smile…
In the midst of challenges and rough adventures.
Appreciating chances and wounding failures.

We adapt…
To all the changes like a strong-willed sailor.
Content to do what’s right, like a g…

Dumidilim, Gumiginaw Ngunit May Init ang Iyong Pagmamahal

Dumidilim, gumiginaw
ngunit may liwanag at init
ang Iyong pagmamahal.

Pumapanatag, kumukulay
ang mundo Panginoon
pag sa Iyo'y nakasandal.