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140 I am Worthy Quotes: Motivation to Live a Meaningful Life

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Discover inspiring "I am worthy" quotes to motivate you to live a meaningful life. These quotes will help you realize your self-worth and empower you to achieve your goals.

Here we list quotes the will remind and encourage us to value our life. Quotes the shows the love of God. His gift, how nature care for us, the love of our parents and more motivational messages that will boost our confidence and inspire us to be worthy. To be worthy of the blessings and gifts God provides.

Quotes that will also teach us to value others. And inspirational and motivational messages that wikk lead us to a more meaningful and worthy life.

Encouraging Quotes That Remind Us of Our Worthiness

Never feel discourage of the hardships, quotes that will boost our confidence and remind us of how worthy we are experiencing life. Motivational quotes images that teaches us to be more worthy of the blessings. To not take this gifts for granted. And be grateful for the love God and nature provide for us.

Inspirational quotes that remind us to always be thankful for the great mornings and relaxing rains. "I am worthy" quotes that teaches us to appreciate even the little things, that are most likely to be ignored.

Quotes Worth Sharing That Shows Life's Importance

Read quotes that will help you understand life's worth and the value of your smiles. Be happy for the gift of life and be reminded of your worthiness. How you can affect to others. Even with a simple smile of positivity or a tap of praise in a shoulder. Share the happiness of life with your life one's by enjoying simple things. The gift of nature and the love it provides to our daily life.

Always be excited to tomorrows journey for it is a different adventure. Life has more to offer and it is always worth enjoying.

Faith Quotes That Shows How God Values Our Existence

Always remember that God loves you, you are worthy and here are quotes images and messages that will prove how God value your existence. Be confident enough to enjoy the blessings. And feel the warthm and love of God through this "I am worthy" quotes. Quotes that will remind you how important your life. And that your journey and every struggle is always appreciated by the Lord.

Be blessed with the confidence from this "I am worthy "quotes images and videos and feel free to share this to your friends and love ones. To remind them their importance and how their smile can boost everyones confidence.

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When Raindrops Reaches Ground It Doesn't Lose Purpose

When raindrops reaches the
ground, it starts a new journey.
It does not lose its purpose.
Instead, it gives life, happiness and
hope to those who are worthy.

The Level of Respect I'll Give is not Based on Sweet Words

The level of RESPECT I'll give
is based on how you treat OTHERS.
Not on how you TRICK me
with your SWEET words.

Even a Beautiful Flower Can be Labeled Cheap

Even a beautiful flower can be labeled
cheap and inferior in someone’s eyes.
It isn’t about the differences,
it is just discontentment that makes us blind.

Choose to Start with a Good Laugh Watching Everything Bloom

Choose to start with a good laugh
while watching everything bloom.
It is a rebirth, a positive choreograph.
Dance and soak to its addicting perfume.

Each smile tends to fool negativity.
Forcing us to grow, to spring f…

Dahil Laging may Pangakong Bukas Para sa Naghihintay

Subukan mong makuntento,
iwasan mo ang inggit at pagkaganid.
Madalas mang kayong talo’y,
salamat pa ding malayo sa panganib.

Dahil laging may pangakong bukas.
para sa umaangkin at naghihint…

The Ones Who Live For Love and Creator won't Stumble

Life is a gift bestowed by heaven.
Those who use it to gamble,
sometimes creates a path that’s uneven.
But the ones who live for love and our Creator,
will easily walk without getting stumble.

We are just Blessed with Contentment

We are just blessed with

And happiness can be found everywhere,
sometimes it gathers around in circles.
You’ve been promised to smile since forever,
it’s up to you to remove those barriers.

Every Time Night Reminds Me of the Pain of Defeat & Fatigue

Every time NIGHT reminds me
of the pain of defeat,
fatigue and hopelessness.
There's this MORNING
that always thanks me
for waking up and
showers me with faith and happiness.