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32 Witty & Funny Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day

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Looking for some witty and funny quotes to brighten your day? Look no further! This collection of hilarious quotes is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and add some laughter to your day. Check them out now!

Need a laugh? Look no further! This collection of funny quotes will have you cracking up in no time. From witty one-liners to hilarious observations, these quotes are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Funny But Uplifting Quotes To Lighten The Mood

Looking for some funny but uplifting quotes to lighten the mood? Check out our collection of hilarious and inspirational quotes that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Discover quotes that are guaranteed to inspire your mornings. Perfect for when you need a little boost of positivity and laughter in your day.

Hilarious Quotes That Inspires Us To Move Forward

Discover a collection of hilarious quotes that will not only make you laugh but also inspire you to keep moving forward in life. These quotes will provide a much-needed boost of motivation and positivity. Quotes that will lift your spirits and give you the motivation you need to conquer any challenge. Get inspired and have a good laugh!

Motivational Quotes With Humor To Make Us Laugh

Check out our collection of hilarious motivational quotes that will bring a smile to your face and inspire you to keep pushing forward. Humoruous motivational quotes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and inspire you at the same time. Quotes that will make you laugh while inspiring you to achieve your goals. Get ready to be motivated and entertained!

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Treasure Those Memories That Mold You to be Your True Self

Treasure those memories
that mold you to become
Especially the silly ones
that always bring a smile to your face.

Let's Welcome December With a Warm Hug

Stop wasting time remembering
what happened in the previous months.
We did it!
Let's just welcome December with a warm hug.
Pray . Smile . Cheers

My Heart Never Fails To Remind Me My Lucky Day

My heart never fails
to remind me that every day
is my lucky day.
It's just that I lack the courage
to face the cold shower.

Surely, Laziness is a Bad Thing

Laziness is a bad thing.
It is one of the reasons that prevents us
from finishi…

Appreciate Those Honest Friends That Tell Us Our Mistakes

We still need to appreciate those
honest friends who
frankly tell us our mistakes.
Yet, lied about not having their wallet
on some occasions.

Fridays Can Be Quite Scary

Fridays can be quite scary.
Out of nowhere,
the alcohol shelf at the grocery store
becomes noticeable.

Minsan Pilyo Din Ang Mundo

Minsan pilyo din ang mundo.
Tuturuan kang umasa't,
magmahal ng todo-todo.
Para lang saktan ng tao
na hindi naniniwalang,
dapat pag biyernes, munggo.

I Thought Twice Before Sending

I thought twice before
sending you those hurtful words.
The first was while typing,
and the second was
when I Googled the spelling.