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52 Emotional Quotes That Will Make You Cry

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Discover a collection of deeply emotional quotes that have the power to evoke strong emotions and touch your heart. These quotes will tug at your heartstrings and make you cry.

Explore this collection of heart-wrenching quotes that evoke strong emotions and may even bring tears to your eyes. These quotes touch upon various themes, such as love, loss, and the preciousness of life. Get ready to be moved by the power of words.

Short Inspirational Quotes To Remember Him

Discover short inspirational quotes that serve as a beautiful reminder of him. These quotes will uplift your spirits and inspire you whenever you think of him. Keep his memory alive in your heart. Find comfort and motivation in these powerful words. Uplifting quotes to honor and cherish the memory of your loved one.

Funny But Sad Images To Brighten Our Mood

A mix of humor and melancholy. Check out these funny but sad images that are sure to bring a bittersweet smile to your face and brighten your mood. Sad images that are sure to brighten your mood while invoking a range of emotions. Laugh, cry, and feel a little bit better with these bittersweet visual treasures.

Sad Quotes To Inspire Her To Go Forward

Discover a collection of poignant sad quotes that can inspire and motivate her to move forward, overcome adversity, and find strength in difficult times. These quotes will serve as poignant reminders that she is capable of facing challenges and emerging stronger than before. Feel free to share this to inspire her.

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He Stood His Ground to Give You Name and Provide Home

He stood his ground
Tirelessly CARRIED YOU
so you can see what’s in store.
He perseveres
to help you when you leave his door.

Regrets and Loss Remind us that Our Time is Limited

Regrets and loss are always painful.
It is to remind us
that our time is limited.
There’s no room for being ungrateful.
Don’t hesitate,
aim for happiness and contentment.

Make your family photos lasts…

She Chose to Scar Her Fragile Hand to Provide Comfort

She chose to scar her fragile hands.
Just to provide you with comfort
and beautiful clothes.
She chose to hid pain and understand.
So you don’t have to worry
and just live full of hope.

I'll Wait for Someone Who Will Value My Importance

Who said I would beg
for your time and attention?
When I can live freely
without your assistance.
The love I offer
won’t be in your possession.
This is for those
who acknowledge my existence.


One Who Share His Name and The Other Who Offer Her Heart

Two gifts that give us
love and comfort.
One who shares his name
and the other offers her heart.
While most were denied
to have them both.
There are those
who are so ungrateful to disregard.

If they can…

Be Fooled Into Something That Shouldn't be Part of Your Life

To smile in your saddest times.
To cry in the happiest lies.
To persevere even when tired.
To breathe and believe you are loved.

To fool yourself into something
that shouldn't be part of your life.

Life Should Always be A Well-Deserved Experience

Don’t regret! Take whatever lane,
and be brave enough

Greet the sun! Despite all the pains,
life should always be

When I Love and Comfort You Just Because You Breathe

Who said I was made
to be taken for granted?
When I love and comfort you
just because you breathe.

Are you not that smart
to be compassionate?
Or as you age,
you weigh what’s to be discarded?


We Forget We Haven't Done Anything For Our Parents

We expect too much
from our parents,
that we forget,
we haven’t done anything for them.

Till we get busy
with our own lives,
and let regret
remind us of the pain of farewell.