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34 Nature Quotes: Appreciating the Beauty of Mother Earth

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Explore a collection of inspiring nature quotes that remind us to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. These quotes will uplift and inspire your love for the natural world.

Find inspiration and reconnect with the beauty of the natural world with these meaningful nature quotes. Explore our collection of quotes that capture the essence and wonder of nature.

Nature Quotes That Inspire Us To Enjoy Environment

Discover inspiring nature quotes that will encourage you to appreciate and protect our environment. These quotes will remind you of the beauty and importance of nature in our lives. Cherish the environment with these beautiful nature quotes. Ignite a passion for the environment and be encourage to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Inspirational Quotes & Images of Breathtaking Sceneries

Get inspired by stunning landscapes and motivational quotes with our collection of breathtaking scenery images. These images will take your breath away and uplift your spirits. Explore nature's beauty and find motivation in our hand-picked selection of quotes and visuals. Get inspired and uplifted by the beauty of nature through this visual and motivational experience.

Cute Quotes To Celebrate Nature's Peaceful Beauty

Celebrate the serene and beautiful aspects of nature with these cute quotes that capture the peaceful beauty of the natural world. Discover uplifting and inspiring words to appreciate the wonders of nature. Find inspiration and appreciation for the world around us. These quotes serve as a reminder of the harmony and tranquility that Mother Nature's gives.

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When I Love and Comfort You Just Because You Breathe

Who said I was made
to be taken for granted?
When I love and comfort you
just because you breathe.

Are you not that smart
to be compassionate?
Or as you age,
you weigh what’s to be discarded?


Hurts More When Most of My Scars Came From Your Disrespect

Who said only you
have the right to get angry?
When most of my scars
came from your disrespect.
Who taught that when you are loved,
you can be greedy?
While I endure all the pain
brought by your neglect.

We Get Too Busy that We Disregard Nature's Beauty

We get too busy
that we disregard nature's beauty.
A good place to sit in?
Cheers! Enjoy the serenity.

Nature Always Offers the Best Love Unselfishly

NATURE always offers the best LOVE.
IGNORED, but made to be UNSELFISH.
While HUMAN selfishly soar ABOVE.
CULTURED, yet drown in own AVARICE.

Nature is Only Enjoyed by Those Who are Respectful

TO every soul.
Yet it is so magical
that it is only enjoyed by THOSE

Kita ba ng Tao ang Sugat ng Mundo?

Kita ba ng tao ang sugat ng mundo?
O parang hanging pansin lang pag namaho.
Tulad din ng kamay mong pagod na't hapo.
Ngunit pera lang ang inimis ng garbo.

Ano bang Paki, Mundo'y Piso para sa Itim ang Budhi!

Tamang sabihing gusto mo lang mabuhay,
lang pakialam hangga't di humuhusay.
Kaylangan ba ng unos para bumigay?
Daing at sisihan pag may humandusay.

Tapos pagkatapos ay uulit muli,
daig ng yaman ang halaga ng sawi.