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Quotetastrophe's Privacy Policy

Read Quotetastrophe privay policy to understand our services better. Also feel free to fill up and send the form below with your questions, suggestion or feedbacks.

What Information does Quotetastrophe Collects?

You actually don’t need to give your personal information. You can always access Quotetastrophe’s content without signing up or giving out personal records. Though some of our site plugins might collect data from your devices.

  • ip addresses
  • device name
  • location ( only country )

This information helps as monitor our site statistics. We only use this to check what page or project our visitor likes the most so that we can improve our contents and make our site more helpful and interesting.

Signing Up to some of our Service or Contacting Us

Though you can access our site without registering, some project or features might need your personal information. This personal information might consist of your email address and full name. This is like the typical sign up process which requires an email address for verification. We also need your full name on our contact form so that we can response to your messages properly.

How do we Protect your Information?

Needed information is limited to email addresses only. In case some project requires much detailed information, we will encrypt your data before we even store it. As Quotetastrophe have no intention of sharing such details. Contact information is also stored in trusted email service provider and are only use for contacting purposes only.

Do We use Cookies?

Our platform uses it by default. Cookies are used to verify registered user and visitors joined in discussions ( comments ). Though Quotetastrophe’s registration is currently close, cookies are only used to prevent comment spam. This is of course different from projects we created as some application might use it differently.

Third Party Links

We might use or offer third party services or products to our website. These third party websites have separate and independent privacy policies. Quotetastrophe have no control on third party services. But we only allow trusted and well known affiliates in our site. We also make sure to use trusted third party software that will provide you features that make accessing the site much easier and safer like email subscription services and payment method.

Privacy Policy Changes

As Quotetastrophe grows, changes in our site policy might occur from time to time. We will post those changes on this page. Also, notifications will be send to users subscribed to our site’s mailing list.

Have Questions Regarding our Site Privacy Policy?

Feel free to fill up and send the form below with your questions, suggestion or feedbacks. Thank and have a great day.

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