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Sad People Tends to Relive and Share The Happiest Stories

Sad people tends to relive and share the happiest stories.
Not to masked their pain, but to keep someone else’s joyful spirit.

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If It Only Takes a Week

If it only takes a week for your bloom to last. How come I see the same beauty in your withered stance.

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Short Friendship Quotes for your Buddies

Here are our short friendship quotes that will surely help strengthen bonds. Share this specially made quotes posters to your best friends for free.

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Every String Has Its Own Distinct Quality

Every string has its own distinct QUALITY.
Attached in this world to produce unique HARMONY.

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Love is When You Give Your All

This flower does not signifies love, it manifest women’s BEAUTY.
LOVE is when you GIVE YOUR ALL
to PROTECT her, TAKE CARE of her needs, and PUSH HER to bloom.
So that one day she will caress you
with her RADIANT and scent as addicting as PERFUME.

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Draw a Smile Every Morning

Please remember to draw a smile every MORNING.
It is not just to greet the sun, but also to thank God for a new BEGINNING.

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Panginoon Tulungan Mo Kaming Namamanglaw

Panginoon tulungan Mo po silang
mga namamanglaw.

Hiling po naming mapawi
ang aming lungkot ngayong araw.

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Trampled by Pain and Hurdles We Persevere

Trampled by pain and hurdles,
we continue to persevere.
Like a warrior, adapting
and dancing in the midst of fire.

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Happiness is Adventure Made by Our Own Heart

As we age we easily get tiredof constantly trying and failing.We believe a slight dent isunprofessional and unappealing. As we listen to the voice of our egoand follow the standards.We failed and forgetthat happiness is adventure madeby our own heart.

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The Journey so Called Life is Brighter

The journey so called life is brighter, easier and more colorful with You. Thank You for guiding me.

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