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Dakilang Diyos Ama Naming Mapagmahal

More Quotes Posters About In Hard Times

In difficult times, uplifting and comforting quotes can provide guidance and support. Discover a collection of inspiring quotes that will help navigate through challenging moments and bring comfort to your heart and mind.

Here are more quotes posters about in hard times. Sorted from newest to oldest. Feel free to share this quotes posters on Facesbook or on your favorite social media sites.

Oftentimes, We Wish to Go Back as Were Drowned By Pressures

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When everyone was forced to change,
there were some who managed to remember.
Slowly, we lose time and aged,
forced to miss out some of the adventures.

Oftentimes, we wish to go back,
as most were drowned by pressures.…

It's Easy to Forget Faith When We are Wounded


It’s easy to forget faith
when we are wounded.
Chooses to blame
rather than calculate what’s been evaded.
We cry and lock ourselves from
being persuaded.
Began wearing fake laugh
instead of acceptin…

Run Wild Filled With Hope or Buried Under the Tomb


Want to talk?
I’m fine. It will be over soon.
I know we’ll have our chance to bloom.
Free ourselves in this cold dark room.
Leave the pain, wear a new costume.

Run wild filled with hope or buried under the…

Walking with no Hope yet Forbidden to Quit

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Who am I?
I am you. The one waking up, 
wishing it was still midnight. 
One who always felt not enough.
Drowned in questions. Felt trapped inside.

Most likely wishing I shouldn’t have woken up.

Dahil Laging may Pangakong Bukas Para sa Naghihintay


Subukan mong makuntento,
iwasan mo ang inggit at pagkaganid.
Madalas mang kayong talo’y,
salamat pa ding malayo sa panganib.

Dahil laging may pangakong bukas.
para sa umaangkin at naghihint…

Psalms 25:4 Bible Quotes Images For You


Show me your ways, Lord.
Teach me your paths.

Matthew 7:7 Bible Quotes Images For You


Ask, and it will be given to you.
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and it will be opened
for you.

Kung Alam ko Lang na may Kaakibat Palang Sakit


Kung alam ko lang
na may kaakibat palang sakit
ang linyang
akala mo pinupulot ko lang ang pera!.
Binigyan ko sana ng yakap
ang mga magulang ko noong
panahong gustong-gusto nila kong bigyan
ngunit walang-wala …

Every Time Night Reminds Me of the Pain of Defeat & Fatigue


Every time NIGHT reminds me
of the pain of defeat,
fatigue and hopelessness.
There's this MORNING
that always thanks me
for waking up and
showers me with faith and happiness.

Proverbs 12:11 Bible Quotes Images For You


He who tills his land
shall have plenty of bread,
but he who chases fantasies
is void of understanding.

A Man Full of Faith Doesn't Need to Worry About Tomorrow


A man full of faith
doesn't need to worry about tomorrow.
He will continue to do
what is right,
even if the days fall into sorrow.

A Day That Tickles You With Blessings, But Punch You


A day that tickles you
with blessings,
but eventually punch you
with problems.
Is a normal day made for
wonderful people like us.

Psalms 91:4-5 Bible Quotes Images For You


He will cover you with
his feathers.
Under his wings you will
take refuge.
His faithfulness is your shield and rampart.
You shall not be afraid of the
terror by night,
nor of the arrow that flies by day,

Choose to Avoid Negativities That Often Create Excuses


Choose to avoid negativities
that often create excuses
just to discourage us when
things go south.

Let Us Who are Dealing With Trials and Hardships be Free


Let us who are dealing
with trials and hardships
be free from
your judgmental eyes.