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More Quotes Posters About That Make You Cry

Discover a collection of deeply emotional quotes that have the power to evoke strong emotions and touch your heart. These quotes will tug at your heartstrings and make you cry.

Here are more quotes posters about that make you cry. Sorted from newest to oldest. Feel free to share this quotes posters on Facesbook or on your favorite social media sites.

When I Love and Comfort You Just Because You Breathe

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Who said I was made
to be taken for granted?
When I love and comfort you
just because you breathe.

Are you not that smart
to be compassionate?
Or as you age,
you weigh what’s to be discarded?


We Forget We Haven't Done Anything For Our Parents

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We expect too much
from our parents,
that we forget,
we haven’t done anything for them.

Till we get busy
with our own lives,
and let regret
remind us of the pain of farewell.

The Final Pat on the Back That Made Everything Muted

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You start the day
motivating me with compliments.
And ending it
by filling my heart with encouragement.
I thought I'd live all my life
with these wonderful moments.
Until you gave the final pat on the back

May Karapatan pa nga ba Akong Mag-aksaya ng Tubig?

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Panay ako reklamong mainit.
Kaya pa naman ding magpalamig.
Bulag sa kalagayan ng ilang
ni iinumin walang maigib.

May karapatan pa nga ba kong
mag-aksaya ng tubig?

Para sa Kaginhawaan, Nakangiting Magsisikap at Magtitiwala


Pagod na katawa’t matibay na pusong
nagsasakripisyo para sa pamilya.
Mapahikbi ma’y hindi pa rin susukong
abutin ang pangarap ng buong sigla.

Para sa kaginhawaan,
nakangiting magsisikap at magtitiwala.

We Don't Race to be Important, We Already Know that We Do


We’re just glad that
we weren’t limited to what we can do.
We have weakness
but we can always make it through.

We’re blessed with the courage
to conquer what we want to pursue.
We prove

Friendship That Lasts Forever, Goodbyes Denied by Time


Once in a blue moon, we cross paths.
Sad. We’ve seats that weren’t meant to be blank.
Respect, as we take off our hat.
This first toast is for those who made us laugh.

Friendship that lasts forever
and som…

It's Easy to Forget Faith When We are Wounded


It’s easy to forget faith
when we are wounded.
Chooses to blame
rather than calculate what’s been evaded.
We cry and lock ourselves from
being persuaded.
Began wearing fake laugh
instead of acceptin…

Walking with no Hope yet Forbidden to Quit


Who am I?
I am you. The one waking up, 
wishing it was still midnight. 
One who always felt not enough.
Drowned in questions. Felt trapped inside.

Most likely wishing I shouldn’t have woken up.

A Moment Without Sadness and Unwanted Tears


What do you long for?

Daydreams, that would never exist.
Conversations wished to rehear.
Warm hugs that I considered gifts.
Laughs that would never reappear.

A moment without sadness
and unwanted tears.

Mapalad Kayong Mayroong Mapagmahal na mga Magulang


Huwag mo silang sigawan,
dahil lamang sa kanilang pagkukulang.
May hapdi sa kalooban,
ngunit nakangiti ka pang pagbibigyan.

Mapalad kayong mayroong
mapagmahal na mga magulang.

Some Sunsets Remind Me of Painful Goodbyes


Some sunsets
remind me
of the most
painful goodbyes.

Kung Alam ko Lang na may Kaakibat Palang Sakit


Kung alam ko lang
na may kaakibat palang sakit
ang linyang
akala mo pinupulot ko lang ang pera!.
Binigyan ko sana ng yakap
ang mga magulang ko noong
panahong gustong-gusto nila kong bigyan
ngunit walang-wala …

Have a Laugh and Acknowledge That a Lifetime is not Enough


Have a good laugh
with your family.
Acknowledge that a lifetime
is not enough to
collect happy memories.

Habang Tumatanda at Nagmamature Nawawala ang mga Palusot


Habang tumatanda at
unti-unti mong nalalaman na
hindi pala talaga umuubra
ang mga pambatang palusot
sa iyong mga magulang.
kaya minsan, ika'y napagbibigyan.