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Philippians 4:13 Bible Quotes Posters

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Discover inspiring quotes about faith, belief, and trust in God that will uplift your spirit and provide guidance in difficult times. Explore the best collection of quotes that will deepen your spirituality and strengthen your connection with God.

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Ito Lamang Po ang Aming Hiling Diyos Ama

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Isang araw ulit na masaya.
Kitang sapat para sa pamilya't
maka-uwing ligtas ng maaga.
Yun lang po ang hiling, Diyos Ama.

Panginoon, Tulungan Mo po Akong Harapin ang Kalungkutan

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Tulungan Mo po akong harapin,
mga nakalaang kalungkutan.
Patnubaya't turuang sinupin,
pinangako Mong kaligayahan.

Strengthen Faith as Nothing Compares to the Love of the Lord


I am brave enough
to share my pain with the world.
I trust someone
will be there for me in the cold.
I'll leave my troubles
and melt them with positive words.

I've strengthened faith,
as nothing compares to …

Para sa Kaginhawaan, Nakangiting Magsisikap at Magtitiwala


Pagod na katawa’t matibay na pusong
nagsasakripisyo para sa pamilya.
Mapahikbi ma’y hindi pa rin susukong
abutin ang pangarap ng buong sigla.

Para sa kaginhawaan,
nakangiting magsisikap at magtitiwala.

Welcome the Warmth of May with Perseverance & Calmness


Welcome the warmth of May
with more perseverance and calmness.

Let’s enjoy love and success because
that’s what God promises.

Keep holding onto faith
in the midst of this heat and tiredness.


We Smile for Praises and Love From Our Lord Savior


We smile…
In the midst of challenges and rough adventures.
Appreciating chances and wounding failures.

We adapt…
To all the changes like a strong-willed sailor.
Content to do what’s right, like a g…

Dahil Laging may Pangakong Bukas Para sa Naghihintay


Subukan mong makuntento,
iwasan mo ang inggit at pagkaganid.
Madalas mang kayong talo’y,
salamat pa ding malayo sa panganib.

Dahil laging may pangakong bukas.
para sa umaangkin at naghihint…

The Ones Who Live For Love and Creator won't Stumble


Life is a gift bestowed by heaven.
Those who use it to gamble,
sometimes creates a path that’s uneven.
But the ones who live for love and our Creator,
will easily walk without getting stumble.

We are just Blessed with Contentment


We are just blessed with

And happiness can be found everywhere,
sometimes it gathers around in circles.
You’ve been promised to smile since forever,
it’s up to you to remove those barriers.

Psalms 25:4 Bible Quotes Images For You


Show me your ways, Lord.
Teach me your paths.

It's Easy to Forget That We've Always been Blessed


It's easy to forget
that we've always been blessed.
That everything is already given
if we just try.
It's not always necessary
to aim for the best.
Sometimes we just have to look
away from the sky.

Matthew 7:7 Bible Quotes Images For You


Ask, and it will be given to you.
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and it will be opened
for you.

Every Time Night Reminds Me of the Pain of Defeat & Fatigue


Every time NIGHT reminds me
of the pain of defeat,
fatigue and hopelessness.
There's this MORNING
that always thanks me
for waking up and
showers me with faith and happiness.

Proverbs 12:11 Bible Quotes Images For You


He who tills his land
shall have plenty of bread,
but he who chases fantasies
is void of understanding.

Psalms 91:4-5 Bible Quotes Images For You


He will cover you with
his feathers.
Under his wings you will
take refuge.
His faithfulness is your shield and rampart.
You shall not be afraid of the
terror by night,
nor of the arrow that flies by day,