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A Simple Good Deed

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Discover a collection of short but impactful quotes that will uplift your spirits and inspire you to keep pushing forward. These quotes will provide motivation and perspective during challenging times.

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A Year of Silently Refilling My Mind With Forgiveness

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I just want a minute of silence,
then an hour,
then a day.
Or a year of silently refilling my mind
with hope and forgiveness,
so I could stay.

I Usually Don't Change Prayers I Just Want Peace and Joy

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I usually don't change my prayers.
I just wished for
a peaceful and joyful family.
And a million cash, obviously.

I Only Hold My Head High When I Whisper My Prayers

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I will treat you fairly,
no matter how low
you think of yourself.
For I only hold my head high
when I whisper my prayers.

Time Itself Has Said That You're Not Worth Remembering

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I will not shed tears;
time itself has said
that your farewell is not
worth remembering.

Some Prayers Weren't Granted Because I Ask to Postpone It

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Some prayers weren't granted
because they were requested
while we were still together.
I ask God to postpone it
until I find someone better.

I'm Already Tired From Just Getting Through the Day


I don't want hate nor excuses.
I'm already tired
from just getting through the day.

A Kind Heart is Guided by Good Karma and The Almighty

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Kindness is an easy prey for cruelty.
But a heart that is kind
is guided by both good karma and
the Almighty.

Discard Suspicions and Let Your Heart Drive Your Passion

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Smile with full anticipation
and free your mind from hesitation.
Discard those unneeded suspicions
and let your KIND HEART
drive your passion.

There Will Be Pain in our Hearts and Some Wants Restart

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There will be pain in our hearts,
and some will just want to hear
a promise of a restart.
Or a whisper in their ears
that says
'thanks for being strong, sweetheart’.

Nakakatamad Kapag Wala Ka sa Tabi na Nagpupumilit


kapag tahimik,
kapag mainit,
kapag wala ka sa tabi
na nagpupumilit.
Pangitiin ang tulad kong
palaging magulo ang pag-iisip.

Kinailangan Pa ang Ulan Para Lamang Magmukha Kang Luhaan

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Sa tulad mong sanay
sa pekeng lungkot sa oras ng paglisan.
Kinaylangan pa ang ulan
para lang magmukha kang luhaan.

Were Supposed to Ease Our Sadness by Crying, Not Drinking


We were supposed
to ease our sadness by crying,
not by drinking.

The Best Ones Will Cry With You at Your Weakest


LAUGHS with you on weekends.
While the BEST ONES
will CRY with you at your weakest.

May Biyayang Sigla ang Unang Araw ng Panibagong Buwan

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May biyayang sigla
ang unang araw ng panibagong buwan.
Sabik na kong kalimutan
ang mga mali nung nakaraan.

We Become So Busy That We Can't Even be Kind to Ourselves

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We become so busy
that we can't even be kind to ourselves.