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Discover a collection of inspiring and timeless quotes that will uplift your spirit and provide motivation. These everlasting quotes are filled with wisdom and positivity, empowering you to overcome challenges and find inner strength.

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Your Smiles Become My Ultimate Comfort Zone

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I know I’m used to
finding happiness alone.

Now that I’m with you,
I fear to be on my own.

Like being addicted to
a unique cologne.

Your smiles become
my ultimate comfort zone.

Ito Lamang Po ang Aming Hiling Diyos Ama

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Isang araw ulit na masaya.
Kitang sapat para sa pamilya't
maka-uwing ligtas ng maaga.
Yun lang po ang hiling, Diyos Ama.

Panginoon, Tulungan Mo po Akong Harapin ang Kalungkutan

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Tulungan Mo po akong harapin,
mga nakalaang kalungkutan.
Patnubaya't turuang sinupin,
pinangako Mong kaligayahan.

Kung Para sa Pamilya'y Kayang Magtiis, Mabigay Lang ang Nais


Hayaang maghalo ang luha at pawis.
Nang walang makarinig sa'ting pagtangis. 
Kung para sa pamilya’y kayang magtiis.
Di mapapagod, mabigay lang ang nais.

Salamat Inay sa Walang Sawang Dalangin Para Saking Tagumpay

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Salamat po Inay
dahil palagi kang nakagabay.
Mabalewala ma’y
wala paring sawang umagapay.
Busilak mong puso
na saki’y palaging naghihintay.
Walang pagod sa pagdalangin
para saking tagumpay.

Cherish Those Who Accept and Pray for Your Success

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Cherish those
who value your happiness.

One who helps overcome
your weaknesses,
and pray
to give you strength and success.

Like how MOTHERS pray,
loves and caresses.

Use Most of Your Time for Love Instead of Disappointment


Try to USE most of your TIME
FOR LOVE and contentment.
INSTEAD OF wasting it on

Strengthen Faith as Nothing Compares to the Love of the Lord


I am brave enough
to share my pain with the world.
I trust someone
will be there for me in the cold.
I'll leave my troubles
and melt them with positive words.

I've strengthened faith,
as nothing compares to …

Para sa Kaginhawaan, Nakangiting Magsisikap at Magtitiwala


Pagod na katawa’t matibay na pusong
nagsasakripisyo para sa pamilya.
Mapahikbi ma’y hindi pa rin susukong
abutin ang pangarap ng buong sigla.

Para sa kaginhawaan,
nakangiting magsisikap at magtitiwala.

Since We Can Only Paint the World Once, Let's Make it Proud


We erase…
Pessimism with smiles and encouragement.
Let our differences inspire and motivate.

Let’s color…
This emptiness with love, positiveness and faith.
Forget the pain, dance to our tune and ce…

We Smile for Praises and Love From Our Lord Savior


We smile…
In the midst of challenges and rough adventures.
Appreciating chances and wounding failures.

We adapt…
To all the changes like a strong-willed sailor.
Content to do what’s right, like a g…

We Don't Race to be Important, We Already Know that We Do


We’re just glad that
we weren’t limited to what we can do.
We have weakness
but we can always make it through.

We’re blessed with the courage
to conquer what we want to pursue.
We prove

What We Treasure are Stories that Needed No Recordings


What we treasure are memories.
Stories that needed no recordings.
Bond that turn friends to families.
Laughs that we thought
would last with no endings.

Until time slowly consume our youth
and curiosity.

Adventures Drawn with Smiles are the Best to Reminisce


For once, we let ourselves rebel.
No one cares if the day doesn’t go well.
Days that made our innocence melt.
Are the happiest days we longed to felt.

All adventures drawn with smiles
are the best to reminisce.…

Days that Flew Fast Wondering What Made Everything Apart



The times we had the most mistakes.
Yet felt proud from all the consequences.
The nights we found the rarest laughs.
That sparked an oath to love what we have.

Those days just flew fast
wondering wha…