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To Step Away From Negativity We Start by Looking Forward

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When I Love and Comfort You Just Because You Breathe

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Who said I was made
to be taken for granted?
When I love and comfort you
just because you breathe.

Are you not that smart
to be compassionate?
Or as you age,
you weigh what’s to be discarded?


Blessed to Inspire Not to Blind Others With Your Brilliance

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Be mindful of your light.
Stay humble.
You were blessed to inspire,
not to blind others with your brilliance.

We Forget We Haven't Done Anything For Our Parents

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We expect too much
from our parents,
that we forget,
we haven’t done anything for them.

Till we get busy
with our own lives,
and let regret
remind us of the pain of farewell.

Even the Most Sincere Sacrifices Can be Meaningless

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even your most sincere sacrifices
are meaningless
to those who cannot be content.

Hurts More When Most of My Scars Came From Your Disrespect

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Who said only you
have the right to get angry?
When most of my scars
came from your disrespect.
Who taught that when you are loved,
you can be greedy?
While I endure all the pain
brought by your neglect.

The Final Pat on the Back That Made Everything Muted

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You start the day
motivating me with compliments.
And ending it
by filling my heart with encouragement.
I thought I'd live all my life
with these wonderful moments.
Until you gave the final pat on the back

Ito Lamang Po ang Aming Hiling Diyos Ama

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Isang araw ulit na masaya.
Kitang sapat para sa pamilya't
maka-uwing ligtas ng maaga.
Yun lang po ang hiling, Diyos Ama.

May Karapatan pa nga ba Akong Mag-aksaya ng Tubig?

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Panay ako reklamong mainit.
Kaya pa naman ding magpalamig.
Bulag sa kalagayan ng ilang
ni iinumin walang maigib.

May karapatan pa nga ba kong
mag-aksaya ng tubig?

To Keep Believing in Myself and be Kind is My Choice

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I’m too scared to think about
what the future may hold.
As if nothing feels right,
everything seems out of control.
When most of my goals
were deemed to be impossible.
& BE…

Panginoon, Tulungan Mo po Akong Harapin ang Kalungkutan

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Tulungan Mo po akong harapin,
mga nakalaang kalungkutan.
Patnubaya't turuang sinupin,
pinangako Mong kaligayahan.

Kung Para sa Pamilya'y Kayang Magtiis, Mabigay Lang ang Nais


Hayaang maghalo ang luha at pawis.
Nang walang makarinig sa'ting pagtangis. 
Kung para sa pamilya’y kayang magtiis.
Di mapapagod, mabigay lang ang nais.

Salamat Inay sa Walang Sawang Dalangin Para Saking Tagumpay

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Salamat po Inay
dahil palagi kang nakagabay.
Mabalewala ma’y
wala paring sawang umagapay.
Busilak mong puso
na saki’y palaging naghihintay.
Walang pagod sa pagdalangin
para saking tagumpay.

Use Most of Your Time for Love Instead of Disappointment


Try to USE most of your TIME
FOR LOVE and contentment.
INSTEAD OF wasting it on

Silence Eases My Pain More Than Those Who Care About Me


SILENCE eases my pain
more than
those who care about me.

Strengthen Faith as Nothing Compares to the Love of the Lord


I am brave enough
to share my pain with the world.
I trust someone
will be there for me in the cold.
I'll leave my troubles
and melt them with positive words.

I've strengthened faith,
as nothing compares to …